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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Lester Malaga

IT Business Consultant & Cyber Security Specialist

Jackelin Alvarado

Executive Administrative Assistant

Priscilla Malaga

Business Development

Courtney Duerig

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lester Malaga earned dual degrees in Network Electronics and Management Information Systems, and now has over 20 years combined experience in these fields. His unique blend of experience allows him manage all aspects of Computer Business Systems, delivering functionality, reliability, and cyber threat management. Today he help clients around the world achieve their computer system goals.

With 10-years in the Hospitality, Retail, and Telecommunications industries, Jackelin has extensive experience in administrative, office management and accounting roles. She is able to predict the needs of clients to offer the best customer service and believe accountability is paramount in the workplace.

Priscilla has extensive experience building relationships and acquiring new clientele. She is highly capable of implementing processes and managing tasks, to develope long-term value for organizations.  In her 11 years of experience working for other industries, in both local and international markets, she has found IT Management is crucial to ensure the growth of a small business.

Courtney earned a Masters Degree in Online Marketing in 2011 and now has over 8 years of experience managing marketing initiatives for small businesses. Her digital marketing role at Lester IT Solutions is to provide helpful content for the website and email which offers our clients useful tips and tricks and keeps them informed and up to date on IT best practices and news.