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About Lester IT Solutions

At Lester IT Solutions, located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, our mission is to make Enterprise level IT functions affordable and usable for Small Businesses and Independent Professionals.

What we offer

•  Affordable Preventive Protection & Maintenance – With our Fully Managed IT Solutions, we keep your information protected 24/7 with remote prevention maintenance at a cost that fits a small business budget.

Disaster Recovery – Our cloud backup system can completely restore your data and have your business back up and running fast.

Consulting & Implementation – We’ll assess your IT infrastructure to make sure it is both safe and efficient, and implement a system that is customized to your business.

Excellent Customer Service – Not only are our services fast, our team is friendly and takes the time to make sure you understand exactly what they are doing and why.

With our problem solving IT services, you will not look at your IT infrastructure as an expense, but as a valuable asset to your business.

Fully Managed IT Service

A fully managed IT solution, 24/7 monitoring with a proactive approach, we prevent issues that could become costly.  

IT Consulting

Let us identify risks in your IT infrastructure to ensure your vital business systems work as needed.

Project Implementation

Our customized IT system setup will optimize your IT infrastructure with no down time or interruption to your business.


Managed Desktop Care Plan

Routine maintenance and protective measures to make sure your computers are working properly and prevent things like viruses and malware.

Remote Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Backup giver you peace of mind, knowing that it fully restores your data in case of an emergency and ensures business continuity.

Faster Problem Resolution

With remote monitoring in place, we’ll usually see a problem before you do, allowing us to get a jump on the matter with less (or zero!) downtime for you.

IT Resources

Read our blog to get tips, tricks and best practices for everything related to computers and IT networks.

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Common IT Questions

If you are purchasing a laptop or desktop PC for work, it is best to invest in one designed for business use. It may be tempting to go with a consumer model that costs less; however, there are a few reasons why a business computer is a better choice. 1. Durability & Reliability: Consumer models are made with generic parts, whereas business computers are built to last, which means more value in the long run. 2. Warranty: With consumer models, you may have to wait weeks to get technical support, so you should opt for a business computer that guarantees priority support and has a better warranty. 3. Windows Professional License: When you buy a business grade computer, it comes with an operating system that’s built for business and has more features suited for professionals than versions of Windows meant for consumer PCs. Read more.
Security software should protect your windows, browser, emails, data and your privacy. There are considerable risks when using the free version, including the degree of protection. Free versions are generally only trial versions that offer the bare minimum meant to give you a taste of the features included in the full license. Ransomware, malware, viruses etc. are always evolving to find vulnerable, unprotected computers, through emails, web browser, free downloads, software, etc. With free security software, chances are it is not updated with the frequency needed to stay ahead of the hackers. To truly protect your data, a managed security system, complemented with an off-site cloud backup, should be part of your business continuity plan. Read more.
The cons of using a local external drive backup are the same as the pros of using an off-site backup. Off-site backups provide more reliability against robbery, electric problems, weather, and viruses such as ransomware. There are also differences in types of cloud-based off-site backups. A good off-site backup will manage multiple encrypted copies of your data, allowing previous versions to be restored. Some cloud backups are only accessible online, meaning the speed will be dependent on your Internet download bandwidth, it could take days to download. The best solution, which we offer with our Cloud Care Backup, is a cloud-based backup stored in a local data center, which will give you instant access to your data. Read more.
The best thing when it comes to hackers and viruses is to have preventive security in place before it happens. However, if it does happen and your computer has sensitive or important information on it, it is best to quickly call an expert who can prevent the loss of your data. Read more.

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