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Managed Computer Support & Care Plan

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Professional, Certified Experts Supporting Your Computers

Full Problem Resolution & Expert Customer Service

IT systems will perpetually have problems that need resolution.  Computers crash, passwords are lost, networks get hacked, email stops working, etc. Without proper technical support in place, these problems can put your personal data at risk.

With Lester IT Solutions Managed Desktop Care Plan, we assure you that our technicians can provide remote Desktop computer support to quickly and efficiently fix any technical problems. We also provide top notch customer service by taking the time to explain to you why issues arise,  how we plan to resolve them and prevent them in the future.

Proactive Care & Maintenance

Our proactive approach to computer maintenance means problems are resolved before they prevent you and your employees from doing their jobs. Lester IT Solutions will keep your company one step ahead, so you can focus on growing and maintaining your business, without worrying about harmful downtime.

Our help desk is a seamless extension of our remote monitoring platform. If you call to report a problem, there is a good chance that we already know about it and are actively working to fix it.

It is important to us to provide transparency to our customers about all our services. We use a remote encrypted connection to provide Remote Desktop computer support. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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Managed Desktop Care Plan List includes:

24x7x365 monitoring of your Windows and Apple security systems – including Laptops, desktops and soon mobile devices.

Troubleshooting and remediation for any processes or services that fail

Patch Deployment, Service Pack Installation and Anti-Virus Support

Microsoft and Apple Security Patching.

Risk Monitor Attacks for Windows and Apple

Not Included:

Hardware upgrade
Windows Reinstallation
Extra Software License
all others that are not specify on the Managed Desktop Care Plan list