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The Critical Importance of a Business Continuity Plan for Small Businesses

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The Critical Importance of a Business Continuity Plan for Small Businesses

Business Continuity Plan for Small Businesses

The recent hacks of sensitive data from Equifax and Yahoo have been getting peoples attention. Many are scrambling to check if their personal or business information has been compromised by these attacks. However, the reality these days is that it is impossible to prevent hacks and your attention should be on the bigger picture, not just focused on these specific occurrences.

Small businesses are some of the most vulnerable in a disaster or hacker situation. They are so vulnerable that 93% of small businesses hit with a disaster that they have not planned for go out of business within 5 years. This statistic is not so surprising considering that about 70% of small businesses do not have a business continuity plan.

A business continuity plan for small business will prevent downtime

Because of the uncertainty in cyber threat, it is impossible to provide 100% protection against attacks, even with the best security measures available in place. To prevent failure in the event of a disaster, risk management and a response plan are key.

Ways to Mitigate Risk from Hackers

  1. Choose the business version over consumer: The professional license that comes with business apps and systems offers the benefit of warranties, support and the best security updates.
  2. Go with the paid version: Do not depend on free services, especially email programs like Yahoo, AT&T, and BellSouth for your business. Yahoo has now been hacked 3 times and it should not be used by businesses. Free apps are generally not updated as frequently and do not stay up with the latest and best security features.
  3. Choose the right cloud backup: The speed and dependability of a cloud-based backup, stored in local data centers, will allow your business to recover lost data quickly.  

Have a Response Plan

Since it’s impossible to completely prevent hackers, it is more important that ever to have a business continuity plan for small business in place. These plans go beyond just added security. Simply making it more difficult for hackers to access your information is not enough. Your business needs to be prepared for when it does happen. Data backups through reliable cloud services ensure your business information will not be lost. In the event of an attack these measures will allow your business to resume services quickly.

Amounts your small business could lose without a business continuity plan

Combining risk management with an affordable, reliable backup solution, is the best way to assure your business will be able to:

  • resume operations,
  • provide sufficient customer service
  • continue to generate income

Lester’s Full Managed IT Solution and Cloud Backup Solutions will fully mitigate risks and help your small business recover fast in the event of a disaster.


Our Services: Business Continuity Plan For Small Businesses  

  • Greatly improve the probability of your business surviving after a disaster
  • Restore services faster
  • Reduce downtime


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